Fall & Winter are ahead - time to get your house ready for the birds!

About us


Let me tell you a story how birdmate was born....

Actually it’s my own Story. I'm Isabella, a 27 yo girl living in a small flat in the middle of the big metropoly Vienna. Living alone in a city made of beton, with little contact to nature I felt lonely and got sad. Especially during the dark days of autumn or winter and the new reality where we have to stay at home - you look outside the window - all is grey and depressing.

My friends tried to convince me to buy a dog, but eventhough a dog can give lots of love it means obligations. One day my best friend Leo came to see me in my flat and saw my struggles and loneliness. He suddenly came up with an idea „Birdmate, you need a Birdmate!“. I started laughing and thought he was joking. Few days later he came again and brought me a birdhouse made by himself:

bird in a house

In the first moment I felt it was useless. But after he explained me how important it is for birds to get some food in cold days and how much laughter they will bring me, I decided to try.

Set up the Bird House, put in some sunflower seeds and got up every morning with eager to see the first birds. I got a bit dissapointed, when even after few days no bird came for visit and wanted to remove the house, but then luckily few days later my first Bird mates arrived to grab their snack!

These Little creature literally stole my heart, sitting and picking their seeds, cuddelling in the tiny house when it became extremelly cold and knowing they can always come back when they are hungry or need a shelter from the unpleasant weather conditions.

Every morning I wake up, the first thing I do is checking my little neighbours in their tiny house on my balcony, I have even given them names already. I could have never Imagined that birds can give so much happiness and the feeling of being responsible for someone and not being alone.

That's how we decided with Leo to share this sweet solution with You, by handcrafting bird houses in my favorite mountains in Zakopane, which I feel is my second home.

If you have any questions reach me out via mail: hello@birdmate.eu

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Yours Isabella

Girl looking on mountains